HOTELGASTRO was established and created by us solely to help travellers find the most value for money accommodation in the Wroclaw area of Poland.
Our aim is to be the travellers first source of information when looking for comfortable and clean and well run Hotels, Apartments and Bed and Breakfast at reasonable prices.
We at HOTELGASTRO try to source all of our accommodation from family owned businesses not National Companies.
We love what we do, which is why we do it well and that is why we created this HOTELGASTRO search website!
HOTELGASTRO guarantees in finding the best prices for every type of traveller, whether it is for business or for pleasure, an example of this is the Sobotel Hotel & SPA in Sobótka which offers excellent value for money with English speaking staff.
Prices of rooms and suites in the Sobotel Hotel & SPA , compared to hotels of a similar standard in Wroclaw, are more than 50% lower.
Our quality and special HOTELGASTRO prices make hotels recomended by us very attractive even for businessmen and travelers who need to stay longer in Wroclaw and its surroundings.

Special prices of rooms and suites in Sobotel Hotel & SPA exclusively for HOTELGASTRO Customers:
1 - beddedroom 2 - beddedroom 2 - bed apartment 4 - bed apartment with 2 bedrooms and terrace
£25 / Night £35 / Night £45 / Night £49 / Night for 2 people, £59 / Night for 3 people or £69 / Night for 4 people

Prices include breakfast for each guest, as well as access to WIFI, entry to Sobotel Fitness Club & SPA and discount prices of Wrocław airport / Sobotel hotel transfer.

Contact details:

Hotel Gastro LTD
11 Waypost Court

UK Phone: 07464464770
International Customers Phone: +44 (0) 7464464770

E-mail: reservation@hotelgastro.co.uk